Mesh Belt Dryer

  • Overview: This machine is a continuous penetrating flow dryingequipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials such as dewatering vegetable, herbal medicine of traditional chinese medicine and others, for which the water contents are high and high drying temperature is not allowed.
  • Overview: The belt drier is continuous drying equipment in batch. It is suitable for drying the raw materials that is in the shape of piece, s trip or granule and is good in permeability. Particularly it is suitable for such raw materials that contain high moisture and are not permitted high temperature for example, dehydrated vegetable,catalyst, drinking tablet of Chinese traditional medicine. Its features are fast in drying speed, strong in vaporization, good in quality of products.
  • Overview: DWT Series Vegetable Dehydration Dryer is developed base on traditional mesh belt dryer. The dryer is widely applicable to all types of local and seasonal of vegetables, herbs, fruits, such as: cassava, garlic, pumpkin, konjac, radish, yam, bamboo shoots, and etc.
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