Seiving Series

  • Overview: This machine consists of hopper, vibrating chamber, couple and motor. There are eccentric wheel, rubber parts, main shaft, and shaft-bearing in the vibration chamber .The adjustable eccentric hammer is driven to the center line through the motor and generates centrifugal force under the unbalance condition to change the material strength and form an orbit vortex. The amplitude of the hammer can be adjusted according to the properties of material and the mesh screen. It is designed with compact structure, dust free, noise-free, high output capacity, low energy consumption, and easy to maintenance.
  • Overview: This machine consists of screen box at material inlet and outlet, vibrator and shock absorber. There are 4-6 sets of flexible rubber shock absorber connected between base and screen box in up-down order. Centrifugal force is generated upon starting of the machine. Control shock absorber against amplitude eccentric device correspondingly for best performance and material screening process in throwing vibration and loose. It is the ideal choice for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy and electronic industries.
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