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The Importance Of Freeze-Drying Equipment In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Date:2015-11-09  Hit:1236
Keywords:Freeze-DryingFreeze-Drying Equipment; Pharmaceutical Industry

    The process of freeze-drying equipment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has important applications. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical products and other biological shelf life processes. There are a lot of Changzhou drying equipment manufacturers which has been the leader of domestic drying equipment industry. Our learn from foreign advanced technology and combined with the decades of experience to improve, and  produce the high quality freeze-drying equipment.

    Our freeze-drying equipment has a very important role, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Here we explain to user the importance of freeze-drying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The process of pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment.

    Freeze drying pharmaceutical reduce the temperature of the material (below freezing), then extraction the steam of the material in vacuum conditions. To retain the physical structure of the material.

The advantages of pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment.

    Small, unstable or heat-sensitive drugs and biological products can be dried at low temperatures, without damage to its physical structure.

    There are some disadvantages to freeze alone.

    1. High cost of frozen storage, taking up a lot of space.

    2. Transport of frozen material can be difficult and expensive.

    3. The risk of product damage will increase by failure refrigeration equipment.

    Pharmaceutical and biological products suitable for freeze-drying equipment, such as: vaccines and antibodies, penicillin, blood plasma, proteins, enzymes, hormones, viruses and bacteria, etc.